Original Bows

tip of Dodd family bow

Pre-Tourte bows have long fascinated me, and I've been studying them, and collecting them for some time. Some I've collected in my own search for the perfect bow, because they are beautiful, and some I think other players will be interested in. I now have original pre- and early tourte bows for sale.

Part of what interests me about bows is the beauty both in sound and patina that wood gains as it ages. Like old violins, bows also gain a certain something through the time. Early bows come in all head shapes, lengths, and weights; I love that they are all so different.
The transition from a very simple renaissance bow to Tourte modernity happened with increasing speed. As the bow met the Industrial Revolution, so we went from a convex stick to its polar opposite, the cambered concave bow. Which change came first: the music? the instrument? or the bow? We won't ever know, but I like the question.

It isn't until the 18th century/ early 19th century that bowmakers started branding their bows with any regularity. Some makers made for others (e.g.Tubbs made bows for the Dodd family for some time) so its an archaelogical dig unravelling who made what, where, and when.

frog from a Dodd bow

Unbranded bows, or those not recognisable as by a particular hand, have a lower financial value, even though they can be of a similar quality to master makers such as the Dodds. This makes them more affordable.

Original period bows offer a different experience, for a relatively low financial outlay, sometimes less than one would pay for a modern copy. There are many old bows which have much life left in them!

Its also worth remembering that most classical bows were made with the idea of the sticks being more-or-less straight at playing tension. Their later counterparts changed with time a larger overall camber, and keeping a camber in the stick whilst playing.
I have various transitional, classical and romantic bows for sale, for varying size of pockets.

As I have finished restoration I will put details and pictures of the bows up on this page.

Please do contact me if there is something in particular you are looking for, I may have it waiting in the wings.

Transitional/early Classical Bows:

I have a wonderful Dodd family early classical violin bow for sale. Suitable for early Mozart/Haydn.

Classical/early Romantic Bows:

At present I have two Dodd violin bows ready to play, both in excellent condition

Contact me for prices, and to come and try them.