Bow Rehairs in London


Bow rehairing in North London: on all bows for the violin and viol family, both modern and historical.

  • Out-of-office hours rehair service. Drop off and pick ups at weekends and evening in Kings Cross by appointment only.

  • A wide choice of hair: providing finest quality hair of varying colours:

  • white (fine or thick: thicker hair is often used in baroque bows or modern bass bows for clearer articulation);

  • brown (sorrel) the fineness sits in between white and black hair. I use it on my baroque viola bows, and is favoured by some bass players.

  • black or

  • "salt & pepper" (a mixture of white and black, which gives more bite than white on its own,
    but still retains some of the smoother qualities of a purely white haired bow).

  • 2020 Prices:

  • Violin and Viola: £58.00

  • Cello: £64.00

  • Double Bass: £68.00

Repairs: including thumb grips,lapping etc. Please contact me for more information and pricing.